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Paint Faceoff: Tube Takes On Jar

Paint Faceoff: Tube Takes On Jar

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For those who are painting with acrylics, this can be a big issue if only because you are constantly dealing with the consequences or benefits of your decision to work with jar color or paint from tubes. Namely, how much paint do you use?

Carved in Stone by Charles Harrington, 48 x 60, acrylic painting.

If you paint on a smaller scale, painting with acrylics from tubes makes perfect sense. If you paint on a large scale, or use impasto acrylic painting techniques with a lot of built-up paint on the surface, jar paint is the more economical choice. Though obviously impasto-style painting can easily be done with tube colors as well.

I’ve also heard mention of the fact that acrylic paints tend to be smoother and thinner when they come from jars. This could be just one person’s perspective, but it would make sense given that jar color is often used when a painter wants to mix their color with water or another medium, or cover large swaths of a canvas.

Contamination can be an issue with jar color because painters are often tempted or get into the habit of dipping their brushes directly into jars, which is obviously not a problem when working from tubes. But with tubes, artists often tell me they lose the screw-on tops and end up having to transfer the paint so it doesn’t make a mess.

Eureka Springs Walking Trail by Charles Harrington,
48 x 48, acrylic painting.

So much to consider! But whatever types of paints you use, what you do with them is the most important matter of all. When acrylic painting, one of the biggest adventures is the exploration of gesture and with Patti Mollica’s Fast, Loose Bold Acrylic Collection you’ll be swept up in the excitement of working quickly and with confidence. Enjoy!

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