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He Has a Sketchy Side

He Has a Sketchy Side

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Giovanni Boldini and Abstract Painting

Being sketchy can be a good thing in this context. When I was trolling for artists who draw like they paint, and vice versa, Giovanni Boldini immediately came to mind.

His mark making is a tour de force, no matter if he is working in oils, pastels or when charcoal painting. Everything, from backgrounds to figures’ dresses to sitters’ very limbs, look like pieces of an abstract painting amplified and brought forward in space.

Boldini has an undeniable aptitude for gesture because of the variety of his strokes and the physicality of his movements. He really acts on the surface of his drawings and paintings.

Even a simple portrait sketch or figure drawing by Boldini, when looked at through an abstract painting lens, becomes a maze of lines and movement. The same characteristics in Boldini’s approach to drawing really stand out in his painting methods as well.

His stroke is always in keeping with the direction or motion he is trying to convey. And this usually turns out to be a lot of motion, indeed!

In fact, Boldini was known as the “master of swish” because of the extensive amount of visual movement he worked into his paintings and drawings. Most of all, I am intrigued by how “full” Boldini makes his paintings and drawings feel with lines, curves and hatch marks alone.

He can take the simplest building block of art, evolving it into something with so much vitality and depth — even when his compositions are fairly sparse. When I look at Boldini’s work, it is usually the strokes all around the figures that I tend to give my attention. They are just so free but give a sense of atmosphere and spatiality to the works.

Try Abstract Painting

A single abstract painting or drawing lesson could be your much-needed outlet to explore expressiveness and gesture. These are aspects of art we all try to incorporate in our artistic repertoires.

If you want to see what such painting can offer you, Abstract Painting Creative Collection is just the kit you are looking for. And, be sure to watch this quick video for words of abstract wisdom from artist Dean Nimmer on why making art like a child is key. Enjoy!

Are you a fan of Boldini? Are there other artists you can name who draw and paint with the same style and power? Tell us in the comments below!

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