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Paper Collage Techniques

Paper Collage Techniques

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Preview Paper Collage Techniques with Nita Leland below to learn how to encase objects, like these oak leaves, in rice paper using gel medium.

So what makes this particular collage technique so great?

  • gel medium is archival, as is the paper, so it keeps the object preserved, along with the items it comes into contact with.
  • medium and paper dries clear so objects are not obscured
  • the variety of objects that can be encased: tree leaves, flower petals, feathers, newspaper, other bits of paper, scraps of fabric–so many items!

What items do you want to add to your collages and paintings using this technique? There’s so many possibilities! And for more collage techniques, pick up the full-length video on DVD or stream it at

Watch the video: Acrylic painting abstract - Collage, Teer, Pigmente. Acrylmalen abstrakt (July 2022).


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