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See How This ‘Bluetiful’ New Color Can Inspire Your Art

See How This ‘Bluetiful’ New Color Can Inspire Your Art

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Why not Bluetify Your Next Artwork?

In celebration of the most popular color in the world — at least to me — and now with Crayola’s latest release of “bluetiful,” we’ve put together a list of common art subjects, all of which bluetifully (pun always intended) encapsulate the color blue.

And, if you love a quick history lesson as much as I do, read about the accidental birth of Prussian Blue (the inspiration behind Bluetiful) here.

From still lifes to landscapes, incorporating some blue elements can make all the difference. Get ready to grab your art supplies after checking out the blueteous inspiration below. Enjoy!

Be Still in Blue

Why not add a pop of blue to your next still life? It could be a vibrant vase, a blue tablecloth (or a blue table), a bowl of grapes or some delectable blueberries. Go blue for a bolder, eye-catching look.

Sail Away on Blue Seas

Oh seascapes, my favorite painting subject! There are tons of rich blues you can add to create a sense of serenity — or if you’re more into chaotic scenes, a robust storm thrashing into rough waves. With the color blue in your arsenal, you can ride the wave to gorgeous seascapes.

Paint Blue Skies…’Nothing but Blue skies’

Oftentimes the sky is a delicate pale blue, almost blending in with the whites of the clouds. Other times, the sky is a rich, deep turquoise, which seems to perfectly complement the greens of the trees beneath. And then, it can also be a dark, bold navy, creating almost a masking effect over everything it covers.

The possibilities are near limitless when painting the sky. So have fun and let inspiration strike!

Do You Have an Eye for Blue?

Sometimes, the pop of brilliance in the eyes, such as with the color blue, is all you need to make a portrait hold the viewer’s attention — especially if the rest of your palette is soft and muted.

Birds of a Feather … Flock Together (Especially When Blue)

Little blue herons, moon jellyfish, blue jays, blue frogs, blue butterflies, peacocks, blue-eyed kittens, Dory…oh my! Who knew there were so many blue animals? Take your pick from an assortment of cute creatures, and let your creativity loose!

Blue Flower Power

It’s true, the color possibilities when painting or drawing flowers are nearly endless. However, a cool blue can establish calmness in a composition.

And, because who doesn’t enjoy listening to and watching Jean Haines, below is a quick tutorial on painting bluebonnets! (Talk about a bonus tip!)

What color inspires you to make art? Tell us in the comments below!

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