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Is It Really a Naked Mona Lisa?

Is It Really a Naked Mona Lisa?

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Did Leonardo da Vinci Sketch an Unclothed Mona?

Leonardo da Vinci is having an art world revival with the 500th anniversary of his death coming in 2019. There’s a Leonardo di Caprio bio pic on the horizon and a recent new biography hitting the stands.

Now Parisian curators and conservators have come down on the side of an X-Rated Leo. They’ve declared that a sketch, Jocanda Nue, previously attributed to the students of Leonardo da Vinci is in fact from the master himself and does indeed present a naked Mona Lisa.

Reasons It Could Be True

After a month-long series of scientific tests, the Louvre is claiming that the charcoal drawing of the naked Mona Lisa was done by Leonardo “at least in part.” The nude figure’s hands and body are an extraordinary match to those of Leo’s clothed Mona Lisa.

“The drawing has a quality in the way the face and hands are rendered that is truly remarkable. It is not a pale copy,” curator Mathieu Deldicque told AFP according to The Telegraph.

The scientists claim the drawing was likely done alongside the formal portrait that Leo created of Mona Lisa. It might have been a preparatory study for another (nude) version of the famous work.

Skepticism Abounds

The Louver scientists admit that marks of other hands are present on the sketch. It isn’t Leonardo’s work alone and that muddies the waters of attribution.

Further studies and scans of the work will take time. The drawing is particularly fragile, as it was likely drawn around 1503 and was worked on toward the end of Leonardo’s life, along with the Mona Lisa.

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