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Making Waves in Watercolor Art

Making Waves in Watercolor Art

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Put the Water in Watercolor Art

Why not use a water medium to paint water? It just seems logical! You can get stunning results for painting seascapes with these painting techniques for creating different types of moving water: gentle waves, rolling waves, water crashing on rocks and rolling over wet sand, with Grant Fuller in his video, Painting the Sea in Watercolor. The results: watercolor art you’ll be proud to hang on the walls of your beach house! (Hey, a girl can dream, right?)

Make Waves

No seascape is complete without a few waves, right? Learn how to paint water in motion using just four washes, and get painting tips for creating hard and soft edges, both of which are necessary when it comes to waves. You’ll also discover ways of capturing the reflective sense of shallow water on wet sand, and use colors of various temperatures, both warm and cool, to achieve a sense of depth and dimension in your painting.

Preview Painting the Sea in Watercolor with Grant Fuller now to learn some fun painting techniques for creating soft edges in your watercolor art. Then, head over to to stream the full video!

You can also download or purchase the DVD of Painting the Sea in Watercolor; whichever format works best for you!

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Watch the video: Making Waves Techniques for Painting Ocean Waves in Watercolor with Susie Short YouTube (August 2022).