Online Gallery: Fantasy Drawings by Paul Kidby

Online Gallery: Fantasy Drawings by Paul Kidby

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Fans of illustration and fantasy drawing get a treat in the summer issue of Drawing, which features an interview with the British artist Paul Kidby.

Kidby has spent some 20 years illustrating for the late Terry Pratchett, author of the sprawling, best-selling Discworld series of satirical fantasy novels. Kidby’s work on Discworld has ranged from book covers to illustrated-novels to limited-edition prints to illustrations for sundry related publications and products. In the article, written by Ken Gofton, Kidby relates how he managed to get the Discworld gig, which changed the direction of his career, and he explains the several stages of his process for working with authors and publishers.

Here, we’re happy to present a few extra fantasy drawings by Kidby that we couldn’t fit into the magazine. We hope you enjoy his often eccentric creations. To see more, visit the artist’s website, and be sure to read the full story in the summer 2015 issue of Drawing. You can purchase a copy here, buy a digital copy, or subscribe to Drawing magazine.

Watch the video: Terry Pratchetts Discworld Book by Paul Kidby - Booktube Unboxing (July 2022).


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