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Beautiful DIY Bowls Make Today with Paper Clay

Beautiful DIY Bowls Make Today with Paper Clay

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Paper clay is a wonderful medium to use for DIY bowls and with the proper techniques, the end results resemble fired clay in appearance. While you can’t eat off of these DIY bowls, you can use them as trinket trays or simply display them empty for the beautiful works of art they are. I know I’m going to keep them in mind for handmade gifts, as well!

What You Need

acrylic paint (I used Payne’s Grey)
acrylic varnish, high gloss (or spray varnish)
clay roller
clear food bag, gallon size
paper clay (I used ACTIVA La Doll Premier Natural Air Dry Stone Clay)
paper towels
small glass dish
transfer foil (I used iCraft deco foil, Silver)
transfer foil glue (I used iCraft deco foil liquid adhesive)
wood skewer

Roll Out Some Paper Clay

Paper clay is very friendly to work with. It is an air-dry clay, so you don’t want to work too slowly with it, but I’ve never had it dry out too much before I was finished sculpting it; no panicking necessary!

Shape Your DIY Bowl

Embellish Your DIY Bowl

When your bowl is dry (it should no longer feel cool to the touch like it does when it’s still damp and not completely cured), it’s ready to pretty up!

DIY Bowl Variations

The shape you give your bowl as well as the color of paint gives you nearly endless options. Here are a couple more bowls I created at the same time as the one I showed you how to make.

I hope you’re inspired to make your own DIY bowls from paper clay using this fun and easy process.

And if you’re interested in learning paper clay techniques, you might enjoy Artful Paper Clay by Rogene Mañas.

Watch the video: DIY-PAPER MACHE bowls (August 2022).