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Drawing Basics: Learn 10 New Habits

Drawing Basics: Learn 10 New Habits

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Fresh Perspectives and New Goals

Spring brings to mind new perspectives and new goals for us all. Finding new drawing habits, tips and exercises to try is one way to keep your art commitments going. Or, if you’ve been growing your art for a while, this can be a way to reconnect with the painting and drawing you love.

To help you work toward enhancing your artistry this spring season and beyond, here are 10 quick and easy drawing basics to keep in mind.

10 Drawing Habits for Beginning Artists

1. Draw frequently so that drawing becomes instinctive.

2. Start with a five-minute drawing.

3. Carry a small sketchbook with you all the time.

4. Indulge yourself! Give yourself the space and time to draw what you enjoy.

5. Compare your drawing with past work and not other people’s work.

6. Remember: Nobody’s perfect.

7. Feel good when you draw. Losing yourself in a drawing is akin to meditation and provides relief from the stress of everyday life.

8. Achieve mastery of a medium or technique.

9. Understand that drawing is a journey.

10. Start drawing at home … and then start traveling.

Inspiration to Carry You Through

Do you feel like you’ve just been woken up? Now full of energy and ready to go? Then these drawing habits and art inspirations are working their magic on you! Don’t stop now.

Lee Hammond’s all New Big Book of Drawing is here to take your art inspirations even further with tons of easy step-by-step demonstrations and artist insight to fuel your creativity and get you in the mood to start drawing. Enjoy!

*This article features contributions from Cherie Haas and excerpts from Katherine Tyrrell’s popular book, Drawing 365: Tips and Techniques to Build Your Confidence and Skill.

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