Money, Money, Money: Your Questions, Answered Money Month on Art Opening(s) Podcast, Episode 5D

Money, Money, Money: Your Questions, Answered Money Month on Art Opening(s) Podcast, Episode 5D

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Welcome to Art Opening(s), the podcast where there are no gatekeepers, no stupid questions, and art for all. Hosted by Courtney Jordan and Samantha Sanders and sponsored by Network.

Money, Money, Money: Your Questions, Answered

Money makes the world go round … or at least, money doesn’t hurt — especially if you’re an artist. In this edition of Art Opening(s) we are talking money all month, releasing an episode every week for four weeks covering who is making money in the art world, how to price your art, art for rent and answering your burning questions as well as some of our own about the almighty dollar.

In this fourth and final episode we answer questions our audience sent to us regarding all things money. We touch on taxes, delve into why you would ever want to keep track of the money you spend on brushes and other art supplies, and if selling out is bad for your creativity even if it is good for your wallet.

This episode of Art Opening(s) is sponsored by the first ever unconventional convention devoted to drawing: SketchKon.

In this episode, Sam and I huddle on:

+How to literally take into account your art supplies…

+If an artist should let the market tell them what to paint and create…

+How to network with an eye toward sales online…

+What strategies you can employ in your local community to bring home money from your art…

Listen in as the money questions you posed to us are answered!

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Meet Courtney Jordan

Courtney is an arts writer, curator and the Director of Online Content for Network. She has organized exhibitions throughout New York City and written for Drawing, Artists Magazine, Mental Floss, Smithsonian magazine and ARTnews. Art history, dishing on the latest art world scoops, and dropping everything to visit artists in the studio are what she loves best.

Meet Samantha Sanders

A writer and Artists Magazine contributor, Samantha’s work has appeared online at Catapult and The Awl. She’s a voracious reader about art, a reasonably committed museum-goer and a sporadic painter. She also finds the New York art world generally a lot nicer than she expected from the trashy tell-alls about the downtown art scene she read in high school.

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