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Emoji Day: Art History Edition

Emoji Day: Art History Edition

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Recognize the Famous Artworks Behind the Emojis?

From Grant Wood’s greatest hit to Munch’s tense figures to Renaissance masterpieces, can you identify these famous artworks when they are creatively enhanced (read obscured) by a few strategically placed emojis? We give World Emoji Day an art history twist with this fun rundown. Scroll carefully as we show you the non-emoji version right after, so you don’t leave us wondering, “Who’s behind that baby face emoji?!”

Are we smiling for the camera or no?

Do you think I fell for that?

I thought we were having pancakes for breakfast.

Emoji Day meets birthday suit ensemble

You want to see my smoke circles?

What are you doing back there?

Here we go again…

Breathing in the sea air…nothing like it

Ugh, my feet are killing me.

Just us girls…and pooch.

Now what are we going to have?

That wasn’t me, I swear!

I’m feeling a little on edge…you?

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