10 Ways to Tell You Are a Pastel Artist

10 Ways to Tell You Are a Pastel Artist

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Pastel Quiz: How to Spot the Artist

Pastel artists love color, love texture, and love creating! Time in the studio is the most satisfying part of any day and art-making means setting our inner visions free!

There are quite a few clues that make it easy to spot a pastel artist if you know what to look for. Here are 10 ways to tell if you are one. Of course, this is not the complete, definitive list, but if you love pastel, then see what numbers apply to you and leave a comment letting us know–and let us know of additional traits we’ve left off. Take our pastel quiz and see what kind of pastel artist you are!

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Are You a Pastel Artist?

1 – In primary school you lived to be called up to write on the chalk board. Though your teacher was always trying to get you to work a math problem instead of acknowledging the amazing marks you were making.

2 – Regular people see faces, you see half a dozen smudges.

3 – Blending is the answer to almost every question, inside and outside the studio. Seriously, guys, can’t we all just blend along?

4 – Your housecleaning philosophy can be a little unorthodox. You strangely covet the dust on your mantel and think to yourself, if I can collect the pastel dust in my studio, why can’t I collect it in my house instead of doing these chores?!

5 – You know there is only one rule about pastels: yes, I’ll have another.

6 – No matter what you are shopping for, you want to experience it texture first, from a soft sweater to a ripe peach or a sheet of paper.

7 – The debate between pastel “painting” and pastel “drawing” could have you going for hours, and most of the time it ends with clear consensus: it’s both!

8 – You carry full sticks, broken pieces, and even little nubs of pastel with you, but you have learned not to keep them in your pocket. #laundrynightmare

9 – You are unfazed by the weird names of awesome tools. Hello stump. Oh, you want to be fancy? Fine, tortillon. Yes, this means you, finger cot.

10 – You have to turn away when someone blows out birthday candles. It’s just too traumatic.

Which Are You?

So pastel artists, which of the pastel quiz characteristics describe you perfectly? I’m #1, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10 for sure.

Tell us the numbers that describe you in the comments and remember the 11th way that marks a pastelist: they give themselves the gift of knowledge and that starts with learning from all the inspiring art educators at Network — whose art resources are available with great offers now during our Season of Savings!

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