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Learn to Paint Flowers in Pastel

Learn to Paint Flowers in Pastel

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The Power of Pastels

There’s no beating the versatility of pastels for blending the best of the drawing and painting worlds. And when it comes to subject matter, there might not be a better medium if you want to learn to paint flowers.

There are some great foundational tools and painting techniques, however, that every pastel artist should know. And that’s where the expertise of Margaret Evans comes in.

Great Instruction from an Experienced Artist

Learn to paint flowers with three different approaches in her video, Flowers in Pastel. In this video, you’ll paint flowers like an impressionist, make the most of underpainting techniques, and make use of great composition tips and tools to create polished floral art in pastel. Whether you’re working from life or a photograph, painting on location or in the studio, you’ll get a strong foundation in not only painting such beautiful subject matter, but in using your pastels effectively for amazing effects.

See why our subscribers gave Flowers in Pastel 5-stars:

“Margaret Evans is one of the easiest instructors to learn from…her teaching is never rushed, and is always leaves me feeling, wow, I should have no problem with this! Great instructor, and pastel artist. Thank you Margaret Evans! ”

Learn to Paint Flowers in Pastel

Of course, you can see how helpful her instruction is for yourself! Preview Flowers in Pastel with Margaret Evans.

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