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The Winners of the Over 60 Art Competition

The Winners of the Over 60 Art Competition

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We are pleased to celebrate the varied artworks and incredibly inspired points of view of the 2018 Artists Magazine Over 60 Art Competition winners! Their finely honed skills are 100% proof that it is talent and effort that will get you where you want to go in life — and that the passage of time is nothing but a thing.So don’t hide your artistic talents away. Show them off in the art competitions and contents Network runs year round. Find out which contests are open now and enter!!

Matthew Mattingly

Three Women – oil on linen, 40×46“Three Women depicts three generations of women, suspended in a moment of existence: The daughter is bursting to take flight, the grandmother is soon to leave this world, and the mother is fully occupied, trying to hold their world together. Each has her gaze fixed on her own future, and an approaching storm has different implications for each of them.”

Marian Vida

Diverse Visions I – mixed media on canvas, 39 2/5 x39 2/5“As the title suggests, my inspiration comes from diverse visions; therefore, I want to leave the explanation open so that everyone can see something different in the painting.I admire everything that is beautiful—nature, art and, of course, women. They are my endless inspiration.”

Tracy Frein

Suddenly My Line of Tether Disappears – colored pencil on drafting lm, 24×28“Suddenly My Line of Tether Disappears is a narrative painting about a young woman’s journey into an unchartered life. Willing to sacrifice her security to pursue the dream of becoming an opera singer, she realizes she cannot survive without a transformation.”

Richard Russell Sneary

Terlingua – watercolor on paper, 10×14“The abandoned adobe house, circa 1890, in the ghost town of Terlingua, Texas, was part of the cinnabar mining operation of the Chisos Mining Co. Terlingua offered me and my fellow artists from the Outdoor Painters Society an environment straight out of the Old West.”

Susanna Spann

Friday on Frenchman Street – watercolor on paper, 21×29“The jazz musicians of New Orleans have a warm place in my heart. Their energy and excitement resonates in my soul. Friday on Frenchman Street shows how I felt when I heard this amazing band.”

Lin Souliere

Ancient Forest – watercolor on paper, 22×30“Old-growth forests survive by forming an interconnected community above and below ground. Having lived in the forest for more than 20 years, I’ve witnessed all the cycles and seasons. Each tree has its own spirit, texture patterns, shape and color.”

Tom Martin

it’s mostly this – charcoal on paper, 20×16“This still life is symbolic of birth, life and death.I was inspired by artifacts in the Africa, Oceania and Americas wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. After my visit, a dream woke me in the night, and the power of this vision propelled me to assemble and capture the image.”

Richard Parker

Overherd – mixed media, 30×30Richard Parker could not be reached for comment. His biography on states, “Since moving to the countryside, Richard has been active in environmental and community causes, which has raised his awareness of the beauty of things which surround his everyday life … . His emphasis in art is to recognize and appreciate the beauty in all we see.”

William Leigh

Sleepers Awake – colored pencil on illustration board, 37×28“Most of my work is surrealistic. Some people find Sleepers Awake humorous, but I intended it to have more of an inspirational feeling. I took the title from the name of a Bach cantata.”

Patricia McMahon Rice

Blue River Dream – oil on copper, 18 x23“While giving my model a break, I was struck by her fleeting expression as she looked over her shoulder and smiled gently, as if contemplating something pleasing.”

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