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Lets Canoodle! Top 10 Most Romantic Paintings

Lets Canoodle! Top 10 Most Romantic Paintings

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Snuggles, Kisses Embraces for Valentine’s Day

Grab a heart-shaped box of chocolates and enjoy this top 10 list of romantic paintings to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s a gimmicky holiday to many, but the day set aside to revel in gushiness and goo-goo eyes also deserves a painting spin. Here are the paintings that Cupid, and any romantic at heart, will love…

Sweet Embrace

Painted for the Paris World’s Fair, this painting is a primary example of Italian Romanticism. Its sentimentality and Middle Ages setting combine for a saccharine love scene just shy of inducing toothache.

On a painter’s note, the warm reds of the male’s hose and cape contrast eye-catchingly with the icy blue of the female’s dress.

More Kisses

An informal survey of romantic paintings would be sorely incomplete without Gustav Klimt’s golden kiss. The artist himself lived a free-love life and the love of his life was the apparent model and inspiration for this gilded painting.


Ugh, yes, we love what Roy Lichentenstein brought to the table with his quippy comic riffing artworks. But let’s give a collective eye roll toward yet another depiction of whitewashed love with Ken Doll hero and bombshell blonde heroine. Still though, a kiss that makes you feel like you could live without air … yes, please!

I Thee Wed

The sweetness and intimacy of the hand gestures that Rembrandt captured won us over, despite its inappropriate title.

Say the Word

Robert Indiana cut right to the heart of issue and just put the big word out there. Four oh-so precious letters rest, lean, press and merge against each other … just as loving couples do.

Sweet Dreams

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec painted a significant body of work capturing women as companions, lovers and friends. The works run the gamut of explicitness.

More quietude than outright sensuality, this painting depicts two women lovers in a cozy nest of blankets and covers. Not boldly amorous, the work simply shows another facet of romantic love — the quiet moments that are usually so precious because they are so few.

A Companion to Cherish

It’s the simple, quiet moments that prove to be the sweetest. Henri Le Sidaner depicts a couple pausing while on a sunset stroll.

The scene has a golden glow and the atmosphere murmurs balmy. What could be more enticing than to share such a moment with the one you love?

Dance With Me

Anyone who has ever been a wallflower knows the electric moment when you are standing cheek to cheek with your love on the dance floor. Kerry James Marshall heightens the intimacy of the occasion by clearing the room but the two dishes on the table in the foreground indicate maybe this was a one-on-one evening at home all along.

Come Fly Away With Me

Artist Marc Chagall’s love for his wife, Bella, was a matter of historical fact and numerous painted permutations. In this fanciful work, the artist presents himself with a joyous, open grin on his face as his incredibly buoyant and sweetly smiling wife floats in the sky.

It’s Written All Over Her Face

When you are in love, you can’t hide it. The romantic moment Renoir captures infuses the female dance partner’s face. Who knows what is going through his head — but her ethereal smile shows she’s dancing on cloud nine.

Love in All Forms

As we know, white heteronormative artworks fill the annals of Western art history but love comes in all forms. Love thrives across race, across language and geography, and across gender.

Love lives outside rules and it is definitely what you make of it. Here’s to more art that shows the loves of all kinds that exist around us and are present in our own lives.

Love in Art

Artists, I know I don’t have to tell you but love and passion are also the stuff that creatives thrive on. Celebrate today by letting someone know they are loved, but also remind yourself of the loves you hold in your own heart.

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